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Golf instruction is a multifaceted  challenge. We learn from listening, seeing and feeling. I combine all three. I use video analysis comparing my students to tour professionals with annotations to describe proper form. I summarize all of this in detailed  emails with lesson examples and breakdowns. I also provide simple drills to promote the correct kinetics/feelings. I always explain things clearly then repeat the key points at least three times as retention increases significantly when we hear something the third time. Watch the videos for some chipping and putting tips.

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Hello Player-
Friday we had 11 players on the Old Course at HMB. With $330 in the skins pot there were 6 Skins won all with birdie. There wasn’t a medal bet, I had low score with 78. Winners were:
Kevin N #4
Max G #8
Rich E #9 & 12
Eoin O #15
Jay M #17
Saturday we had a full field of 20 players at HP with $600 up for grabs in the skins pot. Again there was no medal but Jack S shot 37-34 71. Other then a 3 putt bogey on #1, he played rock solid. It was fun to watch other then the part that hit hit it up to 50 yards past me.
Justin Y brought a couple of solid young players from Burma as his guests. Both played very well with Zed shooting 76 birdieing #6 & 18 (maybe the two hardest holes on the course). There were 7 Skins won paying $85 each. Winners were:
Mike M #4
Zed #6 & 18
Pat I #7
Rich E #8 & 12 EAGLE
Evan M #11
Sunday was a day off for me. Thanks to Patrick for running the game. There were 12 players in 3 groups. I believe Kevin T and Max G tied for low score with 77s. There were multiple birdies in #3 & 10 but due to the wind, fog and cold that was about it. Max G won the entire pot of $360 with a birdie on #7!
Congrats Max!!!!
SF Skins Membership $90
Q2 June-August available now!
Due to multiple responses/requests I have received, I have decided to continue offering quarterly membership and grandfather any players interested in. Q2 will start June 1st and run through the end of August. HP is getting better and better and will no doubt be awesome for our summer games.
Members will receive priority into all games including the next O Club game which is already scheduled for August, as well as multiple games at HMB and perhaps another at Silverado.
Players not interested in membership are always welcome (based on availability) and can sign up by registering and booking single games on my web site.