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Golf instruction is a multifaceted  challenge. We learn from listening, seeing and feeling. I combine all three. I use video analysis comparing my students to tour professionals with annotations to describe proper form. I summarize all of this in detailed  emails with lesson examples and breakdowns. I also provide simple drills to promote the correct kinetics/feelings. I always explain things clearly then repeat the key points at least three times as retention increases significantly when we hear something the third time. Watch the videos for some chipping and putting tips.

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The Grip

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Perhaps th13886487_528980407301872_758429436634705791_ne most important fundamental. The PGA Teaching Manual lists the correct grip as “the one that hits the most accurate shots”. After multiple successful seasons on the tour, Jack Nicklaus would continue to work with his lifelong coach Jack Grout. He said the first thing they would work on was always the grip. How’s yours?