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Golf instruction is a multifaceted  challenge. We learn from listening, seeing and feeling. I combine all three. I use video analysis comparing my students to tour professionals with annotations to describe proper form. I summarize all of this in detailed  emails with lesson examples and breakdowns. I also provide simple drills to promote the correct kinetics/feelings. I always explain things clearly then repeat the key points at least three times as retention increases significantly when we hear something the third time. Watch the videos for some chipping and putting tips.

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Hello Player-

I skipped posting last weeks results although there were two games. Apologies to all winners. Brandon D played really well at Metro with a solid 75! 

Congrats to all the skins players that competed in the City Championship! Great performance from Kevin N who made the finals and Ned J who made the semi-finals. 

Friday was rained out. 

On Saturday there were 16 players in 4 groups with $480 in the skins pot. Skins paid $120 each. Winners were:

#2 Ned J

#5 Joe S

#8 Rich E

#12 Scott B

Congrats to Joe S on winning a skin playing in his first Skins game!

Thanks to justin for running the game on Sunday Justin. There were two groups. They were joined by Tyler and Ken to make 8 players.

Here’s the results provided from Justin. Looks like Tyler cleaned up!

Tyler #2 par, #5 birdie, #9 eagle, #15 par

Scott #4 birdie, #12 eagle

Casey #6 birdie, #18 birdie

Justin #10 par, #13 par

Pat #7 birdie

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Thank you,

Rich Edmunds

The SF Skins Game

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