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Hello Player-

There will be Skins Games this week at Lincoln Park GC on Friday starting at 2:30 and at Half Moon Bay Old Course on Saturday starting at 2:30.

There will be a 36 hole Skins Game at Silverado starting at 7:30 on July 14th.

The quarter ending Skins Game at Olympic Club is scheduled for August 4th on the Ocean Course starting at 8:45. There are a few spots available.

To sign up for any/all of these games please log in and select “Skins Games” then choose whichever game/games you are interested in to book a spot.


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Hello Player-
I took the day off Friday. Thanks to Pat for running the game! There were just two groups due to the basketball game. Congrats to the Warriors!
On Saturday there were 4 groups with 15 players. 7 players opted into an additional $10 medal. Tony V who’s been absent for awhile got in both games, he won as much in side games in my group as the $90 skin and $70 medal raking in a pile of cash. Brad T can move it out there but was sometimes over 30 yards behind Tony (which means Tony was 80 ahead of me). The older I get the better I used to be but I never hit a golf ball that far, down wind and off a cart path.
Tony got it around in 35-37 72 to clip Pat I by 2 shots. Pat is a consistent skin winner whose game continues to go in the right direction shooting his best score to date at HP with 74! Great playing Tony and Pat!
With $450 in the skins pot there were 5 Skins won all with birdie paying $90 each. Winners were:
Ned J #8 & 18
Tony V #10 (3 iron just over the green in two)
Willy T #14
Brandon D #16
On Sunday we had 12 players in 3 foursomes. Not only were most all the tees set well back, the wind was howling, enabling the course to show its teeth with our summer weather upon us.
TPC Management also showed their teeth and surprised us at check in with a $14 pre-reservation fee, which didn’t deter any of us although it did give us a strong sense of not being welcome or appreciated. No worries as rules are rules. I’m pretty sure TPC books HP men’s club outings with no fee and it’s very doubtful those players spend near the money this group does, as we play three days per week, usually dining before golf and always gathering for drinks afterwards. At an average of over $16,000 per month this local group spends in revenue to the City of SF and TPC, I’m disappointed at a minimum.
So be it, as it doesn’t change the tremendous value the great golf course that Harding Park delivers…even in the current less then ideal condition with troubled greens and bunkers that seem to never be raked or divots and ball marks fixed by the out of town supposed high value golfers TPC prefers to serve. Our SF Skins group leaves the golf course in better shape then we find it, as one of OUR rules of playing at our local municipality!
We were very fortunate to have the 2016 SF City Champ Daniel C join us in the game. Thankfully for all of us that were paired with him, he doesn’t gamble or we’d of lost a lot (especially the side games that we play). Daniel started off with a couple of bogies on #1 & 3 but settled down quickly almost eagling #4 leaving a tap in birdie then following with birdies on #8, 9, 10 & 12 (just barely missed eagles on both 10 & 12) and finishing with a -3 under par 69. I was even par through 13 doing my best to keep up (trying to not look surprised) before stumbling in for a 79…just ten shots behind Daniel.
Brad T hit the best shot on #17 to win the $35 gift certificate donated by our Sponsor Spiazzo. Please thank Guissepie and I ask all players to enjoy his restaurant when you go to West Portal. He had a great restaurant and consistently supports our local community of golfers!
With $360 in the skins pot there were 5 Skins won paying $72 each.
Winners were:
Brian L #1
Daniel C #4 & 8 (gift certificates)
Rich E #5
Paul M #11


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Hello Player-
On Friday we had 16 players in 4 groups with 8 players buying into a $10 optional medal. Brad T played solid winning $80 with a 76 that included 4 three putts. Great ball striking day! With $480 in the skins pot there were 6 Skins won all with birdies paying $80 each.
Winners were:
Pat I #1 & 15
Max G #3
Brad T #7 & 12
Justin Y #10
Thanks to big winner Brad for buying everyone a drink, Pat also a big winner, bought a round as well.
On Saturday Pat ran the game for me. There were 11 players in 3 groups and $330 in the skins pot. There were 6 Skins won paying $55 each. There was no medal but Max P and new player Evan C tied for low score both shooting 76s.
Winners were:
Kevin T #6 & 16
Kyle C #7
Evan #10 & 14 (Player Alert!)
Max P #17
Sunday 8 of us went out at 1:30 & 1:40. With $240 in the skins pot there were 8 Skins won paying $30 each. The tees were mostly all back and pins tucked making birdies hard to come by. No medal but Jack S fired a 77 on a difficult scoring day (following his last round of 71).
Winners were:
Pat I #1 (par)
Scott S #3 & 14
Brad T #4
Brian M #9
Jack S #11 (par) & #17
Paul M #16

Results (week late post)

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Hello Player-
We had just 2 groups and 8 players on Friday until long ball Scott S crashed the party making it 9 players $270 in the skins pot. He reached #4 in two hitting it to about 2 feet making the first Eagle on that hole in the game! Max won the entire pot last week with the only birdie on #7 and birdied it again on Friday. Ian O was hitting it long with birdies on #4 and 9 (had just a 4 iron to 9) but it was his birdie on #13th that won him a skin. I thought a had a sure Skin on #14 until Scott topped me and also birdied #16 for another skin. Brad made a solid birdie on #18!
There was no medal but long ball, late comer Scott S had 77.
The skins paid $54 each. Winners were:
Scott S #4 EAGLE #16
Max G #7
Ian O #13
Brad T #18
Saturday had just 9 players again and $270 in the pot. Nice pay day for just 3 winners all with birdie. Skins paid $90 each. Winners were:
Brian. #1
Mark S #7
Mike M #18 (was talked into playing $50 birdie on 18!)
Sunday just 4 players went out. Max went low with 79 although Spencer was wedging them close and Kevin T birdied #2, 6 & 18.


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Hello Player-
Friday we had 11 players on the Old Course at HMB. With $330 in the skins pot there were 6 Skins won all with birdie. There wasn’t a medal bet, I had low score with 78. Winners were:
Kevin N #4
Max G #8
Rich E #9 & 12
Eoin O #15
Jay M #17
Saturday we had a full field of 20 players at HP with $600 up for grabs in the skins pot. Again there was no medal but Jack S shot 37-34 71. Other then a 3 putt bogey on #1, he played rock solid. It was fun to watch other then the part that hit hit it up to 50 yards past me.
Justin Y brought a couple of solid young players from Burma as his guests. Both played very well with Zed shooting 76 birdieing #6 & 18 (maybe the two hardest holes on the course). There were 7 Skins won paying $85 each. Winners were:
Mike M #4
Zed #6 & 18
Pat I #7
Rich E #8 & 12 EAGLE
Evan M #11
Sunday was a day off for me. Thanks to Patrick for running the game. There were 12 players in 3 groups. I believe Kevin T and Max G tied for low score with 77s. There were multiple birdies in #3 & 10 but due to the wind, fog and cold that was about it. Max G won the entire pot of $360 with a birdie on #7!
Congrats Max!!!!
SF Skins Membership $90
Q2 June-August available now!
Due to multiple responses/requests I have received, I have decided to continue offering quarterly membership and grandfather any players interested in. Q2 will start June 1st and run through the end of August. HP is getting better and better and will no doubt be awesome for our summer games.
Members will receive priority into all games including the next O Club game which is already scheduled for August, as well as multiple games at HMB and perhaps another at Silverado.
Players not interested in membership are always welcome (based on availability) and can sign up by registering and booking single games on my web site.

SF Skins Game Changes June 1

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Hello Player-
Nine years ago I moved back to SF (from Pacifica) and obtained my SF resident card. This enabled me to start playing my favorite golf course in the world, Harding Park. After bumping into some old friends, I started up a weekly twilight skins game every Friday afternoon. I hosted these games for six years free of charge to anyone that wanted to get in. The game quickly grew in popularity with an email list of over 80 golfers, adding new players almost every week.
Just over three years ago, I transitioned from a 15 year corporate sales career back to my true passion in life, working as a golf instructor. It was that decision that forced me rethink the time I was putting in to hosting skins games as well as my costs involved. I decided (after months of trepidation) to start to charge a nominal membership fee of $60 per quarter to continue to provide the service. I also added two additional games to include Sat and Sun. During this time 20 players or so signed up every quarter and stuck with me. Those players are the ones that kept this game alive and growing these last 3 years.
I want to sincerely thank those 20 or so loyal members (you know who you are). Clearly you saw the value of me scheduling/managing games for you to play in, three days a week! Not to mention the quality of person and level of Player this game attracts.
I hope I’ve been a positive influence and perhaps even helped grow the game a little. I know many of you might never have met one another if not for this game. I’d also speculate we might not be as good a player as we are today, thanks to having hers weekly competitions.
I am extremely grateful to have gotten to know so many players, current and past, from hosting and playing regularly in these games.
Hosting, managing and playing skins games is not only time consuming but also costly. The required communications and commitments that go into scheduling games with golf courses, players, collecting and distributing winnings, handling pairings, special requests, raising donations etc…takes up a lot of my time. I love playing in these games like you and for me there’s nothing better then being with 20-30 really cool golfers (like you) to play the greatest game in the world on great courses…for a little hard earned CASH. Certainly gives us all a good reason to get out and practice.
I plan to continue to host skins games, I just won’t be obligating myself to three games per week and/or doing it on a quarterly membership basis any longer. The end of May concludes the current quarter. As has been customary and thanks to Jim K, we just had 28 players competing at Olympic for over $1700 in cash and prizes as well as 28 players at Silverado in April.
Starting in June, anyone interested in playing in games that I schedule/host will have to do so by:
1. Creating an account on my web site. Just go to then click “start here” and create an account. It’s free. Note: best to use Google Chrome.
2. Once you’ve created an account on the site select: “Book Skins Game” which will enable you to view and choose individual games that you would like to play in.
There’s a few videos in there that might even help you play a little better 🏌🏿.
Once you’ve booked a skins game spot, you’re in for that game, there are no refunds. My goal is to fill every game PRIOR to day-of-play. This will enable me to provide an accurate count to the golf courses and not cause any loss of revenue (also eliminates the weekly fire drill of late entries/arrivals).
Each game will cost a $10 convenience fee to secure your spot in any game. Some rates may be higher based on demand, venue or size of purse/prizes. High profile games and/or which I am providing additional prizes, will cost a little more.
If you’re interested, please register and check out what’s coming up in June. Once the spots for each game are booked, that particular game will be full. I  plan to continue to host games mostly at HP, HMB, Metropolitan and Lincoln with quarterly games at Olympic, Silverado and others.
Hope to tee it up with you soon.


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Hello Player-
On Friday we had 28 players competing on the Ocean Course at Olympic Club thanks to our friend and SF Skins Member Jim Kirk! The golf course was in PGA Tour conditions with the greens running around 10 or 11 on the stimp. Absolutely excellent conditions!
I made a couple of decisions for this game:
1. To keep the pace of play up I changed this game to birdie or better only to win a skin. Turns out no pars would’ve held although the back played long and hard.
2 I felt we would take the full test of golf and play the back tees which turned out to be a mistake as the wind was blowing and it was cold. This made many par 4s that by numbers (380-410 yards) play 30 to 50 yards or more longer. Needles to say birdies were hard to come by. My one handicap to equalize the field is to allow 10 index or higher of 60 years young or older to play up two tee boxes.
New member Chris S got on the board with the only birdie on the entire back nine with the exception of the two birdies made on #10, winning a skin on #13! Congrats to Chris who is a great guy and fun to golf with.
Putting Tony W up two tee boxes based on his young age in my opinion is definitely fair with the exception that he is a solid scratch player. Tony got it around in +1 73 which was a phenomenal round. Needless to say he had a big pay day winning 1st place on 2 of the par 3s ($70 in gift certs) and 3rd place on another ($20 in cash) to go along with his skin of $240! Great playing Tony!
Due to the back tees and wind, It was pretty much a day of; make a birdie and you win a skin. There were a few great birdies that ended being topped by only one other player.
* I can’t remember who Tony topped but there were 2 birdies on #2
* Junko M birdied #4 but was topped by Pat.
* Brian L birdied #10 but was topped by Tony W.
With $1400 in the skins pot and $320 in cash and prizes on the par 3s, there were 5 skins won, all with a birdie. Winners collected $240 each after collectively buying one round of drinks ($200).
Winners were:
#3 Chris H
#5 Tony W
#7 Pat I
#9 Dan V
#13 Chris S
Thanks to our the following sponsors:
Trattoria Da Vittorio
These are two fabulous, authentic Italian restaurants. Please be sure to thank Guissepie and Vittorio for their continued sponsorship of our local skins games.
With $320 in cash and prizes up for grabs, there were 3 winners on every par 3.
Winners were:
Tony W $90 (3)
Ryan W $35 (1)
Junko M $35 (1.5 split 3rd place on 17)
Jim K $25 (1)
Rich E $25 (1)
Kevin T $35 (1.5 split 3rd place on 17)
Pat I $25 (1)
Ben C $25
Of course this game wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our host Jim K! Thanks Jim for setting up these quarterly outings for us.
On Saturday and Sunday there were small games as most players took the weekend off the celebrate Mothers Day. Thanks to Pat who showed up and ran both games which had 2 groups each day.


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Hello Player-
Friday at HMB just 6 players teed it up. They decided to have a team game which was won by Pat, Justin, Max over Eoin, Kevin T, Spencer.
Saturday at HP we had 5 groups and 17 players. With $510 in the skins pot there were 8 Skins won paying $64 each. Pat I, whose game continues to improve, had low score with 76. It was windy and the greens were rolling nicely. That was the worse score he could’ve shot missing 7 short putts! Pat and Tyler W played in the last group accounting for 7 birdies and an eagle on #12 between the two of them, dashing the hopes of a few of us as they topped birdies on #1, 7, 16.
Great to have Ray F back after being injured. He showed up without a driver so bought a new Ping in the golf shop. He took his new club to the tee and blasted a 300 yarded on #1. Ray played solid making birdies on two difficult holes #4 & 8. Welcome back Ray!
Winners were:
Ray F #4 & 8
Tyler W #5, 11 & 17 (walked into the game last minute and walked away with $195)
Justin Y #10
Pat I #12 Eagle
Brad T #13
On Sunday at HP there were 17 players in 5 groups. Couldn’t ask for better weather and the greens and course conditions continue to improve. No optional medal but Brian L and I tied for low score with 76.
There were 8 Skins won all with birdie paying $64 each. Winners were:
Spencer H #2 & 13
Paul M #4
Kyle C #5
Brian L #10
Andy H #11
Eric S #14
Max G #17

Thank you,

Rich Edmunds
The SF Skins Game
(650) 359-5256


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Hello Player-
Thursday we had 15 players competing on the North Course at Silverado. With $750 in the skins pot, $100 was used for 2 par 3 closest to the hole ($50 each) leaving $650 for skins winners.
Ian O won both closest winning $100. There were 4 Skins won paying $162.50 each. Winners were:
Travis C #12 & 14
Scott S #17 & EAGLE on 18
Friday’s game at HMB was canceled due to lack of participation.
Saturday we had 4 groups and 16 players on the Old Course at HMB. With $480 in the skins pot there were 6 Skins won paying $80 each. There were 5 players in an optional $20 medal. Rob W turned at -1 which was the worse he could’ve shot as he had many other birdie try’s. He and Brad T spilt the medal with 78s winning $50 each. Skins winners were:
#5 Mike K
#7 & 15 Brad T
#10 Pat I
#12 Kevin T
#16 Rob W
We had 5 groups and 19 players Sunday at HP. There wasn’t a medal but new player Kyle C played solid shooting 74. There were 6 Skins won paying $95 each. Winners were:
#1 & 2 Rich E
#4 Kevin T
#7 Kyle C
#10 Ben C
#12 Tyler W EAGLE
Thank you,

Rich Edmunds
The SF Skins Game
(650) 359-5256


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Hello Player-
For Friday I was only able to get three tee times due to a tournament at Harding. Therefore we were full with 12 players. The tees were back on most holes, pins were tucked and the greens still a bit bumpy.
With $360 in the skins pot we had 6 Skins won paying $60 each. The best round came from Pat I who has been a lock the last 4-5 weeks to win at least 1 skin. This day was no exception as he made 4 birdies and had the low round with 76. Nice playing Pat!
Congrats to new member Ken M who got on the board with his first skin early with a birdie on 1.
Hole 6 was playing long and hard as usual. Mark S was the only player to make a par.
Winners were:
#1 Ken M
#6 Mark S par
#11 Justin Y par (made birdies on 10 & 16 that were topped).
#15 Rich E
#17 & par on #18 Pat I
On Saturday we had 11 players and $330 in the skins pot. The wind was howling coming in on the back nine. I had low score with 74 hitting only 8 GIR but thanks to one of the better putting rounds I’ve had in a while with 26 putts. Scott S hit one of the longest drives I’ve seen on #18 leaving him less then 70 yards to the pin. There were 6 Skins won paying $55 each. Winners were:
James E #2, 9
Rich E #5, 10, 16
Brian L #11 par

Sunday Kevin T ran the game for me. With 11 players in the field there were 6 Skins won paying $55 each. The wind was blowing out there. Pat I shot 78. Winners were:

Pat 2 Skins
Paul M
Mike K